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The practice of managing, preventing, treating and diagnosing all adult health conditions is termed as General Medicine. As the first point of contact, often general medicine department facilitates to direct patients to specialists if a medical condition needs advanced treatment or wherever required. Employing advanced diagnostic methods the severity and/or cause of a condition is ascertained before an individual can be referred to a specialist, if required.

General medicine is the very basic requirement of any healthcare organization and its practitioners promote general disease prevention methods and champion a healthy society. The expert doctors at Shree Vaishnavi Heart Centre, Multi Speciality Clinic , Bangalore offers a multi-disciplinary approach to provide a holistic and comprehensive management of diseases. The well-equipped labs with compassionate clinical personnel ensures that the patients receive the best healing atmosphere.

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Dr. Raghurama N. K.

MBBS, MD – General Medicine, Prevention And Management Of Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease, FCCM

Dr.Padmavathi k Iyer

Consultant General Physician

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