What are Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes?

What are Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes?

Millions of people have been diagnosed with diabetes globally. Sign & Symptoms of Diabetes are classified in two types of diabetes : Type 1 and Type 2. Here is an in-depth look at this

Type 1

Symptom of Diabetes Type 1 is caused when there is a very little amount of insulin being produced by the pancreas. People can develop this due to several genetic and environmental factors. Some of the common signs that someone has developed  include frequent urination, increased hunger and thirst, and fatigue. Other serious signs include dry skin, abdominal pain, and drowsiness.

Type 2

This symptom of diabetes develops more frequently and makes up more than 85% of all total diagnoses. Type 2 is often characterized by the body having a lack of insulin, as well as high blood sugar. If left untreated, people who suffer from Type 2 may deal with issues such as kidney failure, heart disease, and blindness. Type 2 often occurs due to obesity and a lack of exercise.

Getting Tested

It’s important to get tested even without symptom of diabetes so that in the event that you get diagnosed, you can start your treatment right away. If you are overweight and over the age of 45, you should get tested.

People who are younger but overweight along with having high blood pressure, you should get tested too. If you do not test positive, try to get tested again in another three years.

Different Types of Tests

Plasma Glucose Test 

This test requires fasting for several hours before the test. To administer the test, your healthcare provider will draw your blood. The plasma in your blood is mixed with other substances that help determine the amount of glucose. If the blood glucose range is over 126 mg/dl, you are at risk for developing the disorder.

Oral Glucose Test 

This test measures how well your body handles glucose. Your doctor will draw your blood and then after a couple of hours, you will be asked to consume a large drink that contains glucose.


The most common way to Stop Diabetes is to exercise regularly, watch your fat intake and eat plenty of fiber. This will help strengthen your heart, also avoid smoking and consuming a lot of alcohol. 

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